The Eastwood Academy, Leigh On Sea

Completed In January 2021


  • Installation of Big Foot System and bracketry to all new and existing Big Foots
  • Hot and Cold distribution pipe work installed using Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel and Copper Pipe work.
  • Pipe drops made from external pipe work in Classrooms and Domestic Facilities etc
  • Decommission existing Gas Fired Water Heater
  • Connection to all internal sinks, Basins and toilets
  • Insulation of Pipe work including Venture clad and trace heating to cold water mains.
  • Electrical modification to panels and pumps
  • Chlorination and flushing of pipe work

Hermit Youth Centre , Brentwood

Completed in October 2020


  • Replacement of LTHW heating system pipe work
  • Installation of 2no Baxi 115kw Boilers complete on Cascade
  • Grundfos Magna Twin Headed Pumps installed within Plantroom
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Air Dirt Separator
  • 2no Mikrofill 3 Pressurisation Units
  • System Flushing, Chlorination of all new pipe work



Vange Primary School

Completed in December 2020


  • Strip out of existing Plant and  Pipe work, within Boiler Room
  • Strip out of existing Radiators and Fan Convectors within School.
  • Installation of Pipe work and Radiators to ACL
  • Installation of Plant and Plant to Boiler Room
  • Re dosing of the system
  • Modification of existing controls to incorporate new plan
  • Sanitisation Deep Clean to all Areas

Colchester Town House

Completed in May 2020

  • Replacement of entire LTHW Heating System Pipe Work
  • 2no Remeha Quinta Ace 115kw Boilers on a cascade
  • Mikrofill 3 Pressurisation Unit complete with Expansion Vessel
  • Grundfos Twin Headed pump installed within Plantroom
  • Stelrad LST Radiators installed
  • SPC Fan Convectors installed at high level within Hall
  • Re dosing of the system
  • Modification of existing controls to incorporate new plant
  • Sanitisation Deep Clean to all Areas


Oakfield Primary School, Wickford, Essex

Completed in June 2020

  • Complete renewal of LTHW Radiant Heating and Central Domestic Hot Water System
  • Installed 2no Remeha Gas 220 Ace 160kw Boilers on a cascade
  • 2no Mikrofill 3 Pressurisation Units
  • Air Dirt Separator
  • Fitted new Heating Pumps
  • Scale Inhibitor installed to HWS secondary return
  • New lagging to boiler plant room.
  • Boxed all pipe work and redecorated.
  • Renewal of controls system to accommodate newly installed plant

Loughton Resource Centre

Completed in February 2020

  • Replaced all heating flow and return pipe work.
  • Installed 2no Remeha Quinta Ace 65kw Boilers
  • Lochinvar Eco charger Water Heater
  • Fitted new heating pumps
  • Fitted 2 new pressurisation units.
  • New lagging to boiler plant room.
  • Boxed all pipe work and redecorated.
  • All associated electrics to BMS.

Great Dunmow Youth Centre

Completed in January 2020

  • Replaced all heating flow and return pipe work.
  • Fitted new heating pumps.
  • Fitted new LST radiators to all areas.
  • Fitted new fan convectors to the main hall.
  • Fitted new pressurisation unit.
  • New lagging to boiler plant room.
  • Boxed all pipe work and redecorated.
  • All associated electrics to BMS.

Salvation Army- Hadleigh

Completed in December 2019

  • Replaced 2x boilers and flues.
  • Replaced all associated pipe work in plant room.
  • Re-run new gas supply with solenoid safety valve.
  •  Fitted new underfloor heating manifolds with all associated pumps, stats and controls.
  • Fitted new BMS system.

Norwich Citadel

Completed in November 2019

  • Replaced 2x boilers and flues.
  • Replaced all associated pipe work in plant room with new heating and hot water pumps.
  • Re-run new gas supply with solenoid safety valve.
  •  Fitted new hot water chlorifier
  • Fitted new BMS system.


Prettygate Infants & Junior School

Completed in September 2019

  • Replaced boiler plant rooms in both infants and junior schools.
  • Re-run all new pipe work, heating flow and returns, boosted cold water, hot and secondary return.
  • Re-run new gas supply with solenoid valve.
  • Fitted new LST radiators and fan convectors.
  • Fitted new BMS system.

Broomfield School, Enfield

  • Strip out existing plant equipment on site including Boiler room, pipe work, and Cast Iron Radiators.
  • 3 x 500 kw Viessmann Twin Vitocrossal Boilers installed in plant room.
  • Lochinvar Gas fired Water Heater installed in Canteen Plant room.
  • 560kw Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • Grundfos Twin Headed Pumps.
  • Mikrofill 3 Pressurisation Unit.
  • Hot/ colds and secondary return including all isolation.
  • Heating flow and return pipe work.
  • 350 Jaga LST radiators installed as per drawings.
  • Run gas main from existing to new boilers with all associated welding.
  • New hot, cold and heating pipe work , lagged with trace heating installed to 6th form college.
  • Cold water main run from roof pipe work to tower boiler room.
  • Ventilation works carried out to meet current standards.
  • Total Stainless steel and copper pipe work 15,000 m.
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Epping Multi Centre

During April 2018 we installed on behalf of Mitie:

  • 2 x Remeha Quinta Pro 65kw boilers
  • Expansion Vessel and Pressurization Unit
  • Grundfos Magna 3 Twin Headed pumps
  • With all new Stainless Steel Pipe work
  • The BMS System was renewed in its entirety
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Friars Grove School - Colchester

During summer 2018 we installed on behalf of Mitie:

  • Install 3no Remeha Quinta pro boilers on a cascade with all associated pumps, heat exchangers, Pressurisation units , scale buster etc
  • Flue to new boilers
  • Install new heating pipe work complete with insulation,
  • Run new cold 62mm copper water main and hot water services as per drawings
  • Installation of TMV’s
  • Install new heating pipe work throughout schools to new Fan convector units as per specification
  • BMS works carried out including trace heating for infant school
  • Heating
  • Boiler

John Bunyan School - Braintree

In 2 phases starting in 2017 with the second phase commencing in 2018:

  • Drained system and removed approximately 350 existing Cast Iron radiators throughout the school
  • Installed Jaga Lst radiators
  • Installed Stelrad Lst Radiators
  • New Hot and Cold water services in Copper Xpress pipe work
  • Heating pipe work renewed in Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel
  • Isogenic Lagging to newly installed pipe work
  • Installation of Gas Fired Water Heater
  • Design and Manufacturer Heating/Hot water services via Control Panel using Priva Blue Sfotware
  • Reinstate walls and ceilings with the inclusion of new lighting
  • Field wiring and Trace Heating
  • System flushing, Chlorination of all new pipe work
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Millicents Day Centre - Clacton

In late 2018 we carried out the following works on behalf of Mitie:

  • Drained down and stripped out existing floor and wall mounted Gas fired boilers,
  • Stripping out of gas pipe work within plant room , stripping out of heating pipe work including circulation pumps
  • 2no Remeha Quinta pro 65kw gas fired boilers with appropriate flue kits and plate heat exchanger
  • Installation 2no Lochinvar water heaters
  • 6no Grundfos Magna3 Circulator and shunt pumps installed within boiler room
  • Replacement in existing control panel and controls
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Norwich Citadel Salvation Army – Clacton

In 2019 we are currently undertaking the following works on behalf of Ingleton Wood:

  • 4no Remeha Quinta pro boilers on a cascade installed within 3 separate boiler room locations
  • Remeha Flue with necessary extensions
  • Spirotech BCO50FM Spirocombi within each boiler room
  • Pressurisation Unit with expansion Vessel within each boiler room
  • Wilo Twin Headed pumps within each boiler room
  • Adey 4” Magnaclean
  • Hamworthy Water Heater
  • All necessary alterations to pipe work
  • All necessary Lagging to newly formed pipe work
  • Chlorination and water samples
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Burges Road, Thorpe Bay

Installed in June 2011, a 4kw south facing A-Sun Photovoltaic system.

This is giving a cash back incentive of over £1500 per year, for 25 years and free electricity during daylight hours. The inverter a 4 kw Nedap, has wireless connection and allow you to monitor the systems performance from a computer anywhere.

  • Wiring
  • Solar panel fitting
  • Boiler

Chalkwell Esplanade, Chalkwell

Installed in June 2011, a Tisun 2 panel solar thermal hot water system which heats a 300 litre solar cylinder. The client will get over 60% of their hot water requirements from the solar thermal panels. A one off payment of £300.00 is available and the Renewable Heat Incentive will announce further FIT (grant) next year which you will be able to backdate.

  • Solar panel fitting
  • Heating

Galton Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Installed in May 2011, this is a 2x 6kw Daikin air to water heat pumps – 2x pressurised cylinders (200 and 300 litres)The heat pump is also supplying 3 floors of underfloor heating. The heat pumps run at 250 – 300% efficient.

  • Wiring
  • Heating
  • Boiler

Milton Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Installed in July 2011, a 2.5 kw photovoltaic system. To utilise the all the available roof space the Sharp panels have been fitted landscape and portrait. The system will give a cash incentive of approximately £1000.00 per annum and free electricity during day light hours. The inverter used is a Fronius, and allows you to monitor the system from a computer anywhere.

  • Wiring
  • Solar panel fitting

Treefellas, Wakering, Essex

A 4kw Photovoltaic system was fitted in the new office block, also Underfloor Heating installation was installed at Treefellas in Wakering, Essex.

  • Heating

Sommerville Gardens, Leigh

Installed in September 2011, a Valliant 2 panel solar thermal system which heats a 250 litre solar cylinder. The client will get over 60% of their hot water requirements from the solar thermal panels. A one off payment of £300.00 is available and the Renewable Heat Incentive will announce further FIT (grant) next year which you will be able to backdate. We also fitted in this property a Valliant Ecotec Plus 624 condensing system boiler, with thirteen Stelrad compact radiators complete with Honeywell thermostatic radiator valves and controls.

  • Electrics
  • Solar panel fitting
  • Heating
  • Boiler

St James Avenue, Thorpe Bay

This 3.5kw system was installed in Sept 2011, the Sharp panels have been fitted on a garage roof with Schuco™ frame system. Then the panels have then been screened behind trellis, to not affect the outlook of the garden. A wireless Fronius inverter has also been fitted to allow the system to be monitored from the house.

  • Electrics
  • Solar panel fitting

The Church Of Ascension, Lavender Hill

This church has stood since the late 1800’s and required a heating system with a sympathetic design, which we undertook. This involved working closely with the church committee, dioceses and architect, Christopher Langstone. The two Ideal Evomax 80kw boilers were installed loft area, feeding 26 low surface temperature radiators, over three floors, on three different timed controlled zones. In addition, three destratification fans, were hung from the oak beam, in the mains church to push the warm air back down.

  • Heating
  • Boiler

Thundersley Primary School

Ideal Imax 60 kw condensing boiler with 300 litre mains feed indirect cylinder – Grunfos pumps and Honeywell controls. Feeding the kitchens and staff rooms for heating and hot water.

  • Heating
  • Boiler

Glemsford Primary School, Suffolk

Under floor heating installation at new build extension to school.

  • Wiring
  • Heating

KASPA Signs Laindon

10KW Photovoltaic System, on a three phase electrical supply.

Fitted in December 2011, With an estimated yielding of approximately £3800.

  • Electrics
  • Solar panel fitting

Medical innovations

This factory unit required two Reznor heaters and worked in conjunction with two destratification fans, to ensure the heat was recirculated in the area.

60 meters of 2 inch gas mains was run.

  • Electrics
  • Heating

Eastwood Road

4KW PV System on a flat roof, with rensol boxes.


  • Wiring
  • Solar panel fitting

Marine Parade

New system Boiler, 300 litre mains feed cylinder. Grundfos booster. Magna Clean.

  • Heating
  • Boiler

St Mary the Virgin, East Barnet Parish Church

2x shunt pumps
2x ideal boilers
1x low loss heater
1x Magna clean

  • Heating
  • Boiler

Thurrock Council offices

New pumps fitted connected to new BMS.

  • Heating

Hilldene School

Booster set.
2000 litre stored water break tank.
New A O Smith Direct fired water heater.
2x 500 litre expansion vessels, Pressuration unit.
Over 2000 meters of copper tube were fitted, replacing the entire repipe of cold, pumped cold, hot and secondary return.
12 new sink unit, to classroom, with all associated plumbing and builder work

  • Heating

Willow Close, Eastwood

  • Solar panel fitting

Peartree Close

Recently completed job of a communal heating system fitted in the loft space of 6 flats and 2 adjoining bungalows.

A Baxi CHP Unit and a BluGen CHP Unit. With a Vaillant Condensing System Boiler as back up.

300ltr Buffer Tank and 2x 300ltr Square pressurised cylinders. Control panel with all associated controls, pumps, pressurisation unit, expansion vessels, Gas run with Gas Solenoid Valve.

New pipework to all flats and bungalows with all new controls and switch2 monitoring equipment for ease of billing.

  • Heating
  • Boiler

Shenley, Hertfordshire

14kw Toshiba Estra , Air to Water Heat Pump serving 300ltrs mains fed cylinder with a 200ltr Booster set. 3 floors of Underfloor Heating, all drainage and Hot and Cold. 4 en suites and 1 main bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 utility and one downstairs cloakroom.

  • Heating
  • Boiler

New build of luxury purpose built flats in which we installed a 25kw Solar PV system for the whole building, completed September 2014.

  • Electrics
  • Wiring
  • Solar panel fitting

Solar PV Maintenance

On behalf of Hillingdon Council we had Triscott House which had a 67.2kw system, Hayes End Library with a 20kw system and Adelaide House which had a 6kw in system. In which we tested each site, recommissioned and re registered them.

  • Electrics

Sherwood Way - South Essex Homes

In November 2014 we installed a Vaillant AROTHERM 5kw Air to Water Heat Pump with buffer tank situated on roof of community room. Installed 4x Myson Eco Radiators with 2 mains fed Ariston Hot Water Heaters.

  • Heating

Southend Hospital, Essex

In January 2015 we completed the relocation of Air handling Chiller Pumps and Pipe Work for installation of new theatre lift. We’ve inhibited the system with Glycol and re-lagged new ABS pipe work.

  • Heating

Furzefield Sheltered Scheme - PV System

A 47KW PV system on 4 roofs with 3 inverters, Internet and Remote Access for FITs Payments – Solar Panel Mesh for the prevention of bird nesting.

  • Solar panel fitting

Eastwood Academy - Gas Detection System

In March 2015 we installed Gas Proving Systems supplied by S&S Northern (Merlin Range). The panel is to be used to carry out a Gas Proving Test on the Pipe Work in order to highlight if there is a gas appliance open or a leak i.e Bunsen burner left on in a Science Classroom). These were fitted in every classroom that had Gas installed.

  • Electrics
  • Wiring
  • Heating


"I would like to say many thanks for the recent work carried out on my property, the lads were very considerate with their approach, which was very appreciated."
Mr M. Broad - Rayleigh
We are very pleased with the job and give particular thanks to your installation team or Jay and Mitch, for their thoroughly professional and courteous approach to the work done.
Jocelyn & Phillip Histon – Benfleet
Please thank your guys for being efficient, clean and pleasant, I would certainly recommend them.
Mrs Bailey – Ashingdon
If we were asked to recommend a company to install central heating we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your company, it is nice to know that your company is giving young people a chance with apprenticeships to learn a trade in this day and age.
Pete and Margaret Stainer – Canvey Island
Wish to thank you for the excellent young men you sent to sort out my central heating. They worked very hard and were very polite, carried out a splendid job. Your company is lucky to have them.
A.N. Iggulden (B.A.) Rtd Army Major - London

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